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This is the first rough cut of a sequence from a program on pottery...

NOTE: This was never intended for broadcast. Rather, the objective was to audition the two presenters featured in the video. For one thing, the audio in this sequence is not of acceptable quality, as it was recorded hastily. The purpose of screen tests such as these is limited to ascertaining whether the performer is comfortable on-camera and can speak conversationally. As is evident, both have potential. Regrettably, the domestic pottery industry expressed itself too impecunious to be able to sponsor a public television series, despite the remarkably low cost.

This is a screen test for the same program on pottery. It didn't go quite as foreseen.

In pottery, as in everything else, events occasionally hand you a conclusion inconsistent with your expectations. What you do and how you choose to handle the matter reveal the kind of person you are. Professor Messina did well that day. In the trade, this video is what's known as a throwaway. Normally, you'd never see it.