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Ariel Nomad

The premise

This synopsis introduces our concept of a novel “how-to” program for public television . . . and much more than television. While the series deals with the design, construction, and extensive field testing of an appealing all-electric zero-emissions on- and off-road recreational automobile, its real purpose is to encourage as many young people as possible – particularly young women – to consider careers in automotive technology.

Moreover, and more to the point, it will seek to accomplish this by demonstrating the satisfaction that one derives from working constructively in engineering and science.

In short, we want to give young viewers a reason to see higher education as the best route to success in life. When considering the potential appeal of this series, note that some automotive program episodes on YouTube have had over four million views!

What we propose

This is a proposal to fund the development, creation, and distribution of Dune Rider!, a fun and educational 26-episode television series for both adolescents and adults. The series will appeal to the interests of young men and, more importantly, awaken an interest in engineering in young women.

engineering analysis

Dune Rider! is intended for original release through North American public television and simultaneous release through social media and educational portals, including schools and libraries. Instructional design will be incorporated into the series to allow multi-level academic participation. For example, a companion web site designed for advanced-placement high school students can be created that focuses on such engineering concepts as suspension dynamics and structural analysis.

There are more examples of ways the series can be academically exploited.

Dune Rider! follows the creation, construction, and ultimate test drive of a unusual recreational vehicle while teaching automotive engineering and math concepts. As a TV show, this will be pure high performance fun as we discover what it takes to imagine, design, and build a real on- and off-road car. Educationally, the show, with its companion social media, will create a portal to learn and experience the product design, math, and engineering concepts found in automotive, manufacturing, and robotics. Instructional design elements will allow targeted emphasis for classroom, library, and other academic streams. Related websites emphasizing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts are anticipated.

Dune Rider! is foremost an innovative introduction to automotive engineering for release through North American public television and related agencies (schools, libraries, training centers, etc). About 60% national penetration is anticipated.

Dune Rider! is also intended to be an ongoing series with a second season (26 episodes) following a successful first launch. Distribution is critical. Our experienced team specializes in all forms of carriage, marketing, and distribution strategies preferred within public television and academic institutions.